You’ll find a number of shops, boutiques, bookstores, and clothing stores full of unique gifts and surprises that you won’t want to miss the next time you’re staying in Bismarck.

Especially during the holidays!

You’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list after checking out a few of our favorite places to shop.

Let’s dive into the best holiday shopping in Bismarck.


1. Ferguson Books and More:

It’s a locally owned and independent bookstore!

What more do  you need to know?

Dodge Amazon and support this awesome local bookstore.

Ferguson’s boasts the largest selection of used books available in the region and they carry a huge array of new best sellers. They also have a unique toy section, a variety of new and used media, and titles by local authors. If you love books, you’ll love Ferguson’s

View their website.

Check out their Facebook page here.



2. Leela & Lavender:

Founded by two close friends who wanted to remain in retail clothing after the company they worked for closed, Leela and Lavender features a terrific variety of trendy and stylish outfits for the modern woman.  Plus, they have locations throughout the region.

If you’re looking for winter fashion options, you’ll love the selection and be inspired by the vision and passion of these two founding partners.

Visit their page on Facebook.


3. Bismarck Antique Mall

A two-story antique mall?  You got it!

The Bismarck Antique Mall is located downtown in a fittingly historic building.  It is widely considered one of the largest antique stores in all of western North Dakota.

Antique items are scattered throughout, it’s like a scavenger hunt for vintage shoppers.

“Well run emporium by couple seasoned friendly old gals. Nice atmosphere, just walking through the place can be fun couples date.”

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4. Stella’s: 

This mother and daughter designed store has been around since 2015.

It is known for its love of home decor, unique finds, and appreciation for repurposing items into a modern and functional design. From vintage items to holiday gifts to trendy clothes, you won’t want to miss stopping by!

They are a self-described “industrial chic with a modern farmhouse influence home décor store,” perfect for holiday shopping.

Find them on Facebook here.


5. Punky’s Bath & Gift Shop

They are a local, family owned gift shop with loads of unique products, just off the downtown strip.
“Bismarck’s unique little boutique” opened in 2018 and they scour the nation for unique products to offer shoppers.
Skip the online shopping and shop local with Punky’s!


Community spirit is definitely what makes small towns so special.

The friendly people and the festive atmosphere in Bismarck make this a great place to visit during the holidays.

We hope you enjoy your visit, find a warm bed, and hope you’ll come back to see everyone in Bismarck again soon!