Marshall is all about “cultivating the best experiences.” At least that’s what our tourism slogan boasts.

Maybe we’re biased, but we think this place holds some treasured experiences. 

We aren’t Minnesota’s largest city, but our neck of the woods is definitely home to some big adventures. 

From exceptional local restaurants to outdoor opportunities and community events, this pocket of Southwest Minnesota has a lot to offer. And we’re incredibly grateful for the visitors who stop by to see what we’re all about.

For our visitors (and possibly a few locals!), we uncovered five facts about this special city that you may not know.


Marshall offers an exceptional bike-share program — and it’s absolutely free.

Yup, you read that right. 

If you love to bike and enjoy exploring life on two wheels, this is for you.

There are three rental stations which hold three bikes each. All you need is a valid form of ID and the bike is yours for up to three days!

Discover over 30 miles of paved trail along the Camden Regional Bike Trail, or experience the downtown area and Southwest Minnesota State University’s campus.

Visit the official Bike Share Program page for more information and to locate the nearest rental location.

Marshall is home to over 20 pieces of exceptional public art.

Stretching from the downtown area to the Southwest Minnesota University campus and everywhere in between, visitors can take in a variety of statues, galleries, and murals.

The best part? It’s all available for free. 

Amongst these unique art pieces is Marshall’s 9/11 Memorial, located Downtown. Just a short walk from the other downtown shops, visitors can take in the memorial and reflect, while enjoying the fresh air and plant life. 


There are 139 geocaches in the Marshall area to be discovered.

Geocaching is the practice of finding hidden treasures in public areas. Geocaches can be stored just about anywhere in the outdoors and on land that the general public can access.

Joining the world’s largest treasure hunt can bring you all over the Marshall area, exploring local parks and other outdoor areas in your pursuit. 

If you do find any of the 139 caches, be sure to log your favorite finds!


Minnesota is home to over 170 local breweries.

Talk about honing your craft.

Minnesota has a wide variety of craft brews, and you can try many of them in the same place at the annual Made in Minnesota Craft Beer Festival.

Every year at the Red Baron Arena, local breweries come together for beer connoisseurs and amateurs alike to sample and savor. 

From our very own Brau Brothers in Marshall to Surly Brewing in Minneapolis, the Made in Minnesota festival includes a host of unique tastes for everyone over the age of 21 to enjoy.

Our town is proud to contribute to this state’s brewing community.


Local cuisine is available at over 25 small businesses in Marshall.

Whether you’re in the mood for burgers and brews, or tacos and margs, Marshall has something for everyone’s palette. 

Put another way, these eateries can be found #OnlyinMarshall. 

From barbecue at The Hitching Post to Thai at Hunan Lion to burgers at Wooden Nickel, locally crafted, diverse plates are on the menu.

Take a look at the Visit Marshall website to find something up your alley.


We hope this has given you a glimpse of what Marshall has to offer.

Maybe you even learned something about our city in one of these little-known facts.

One thing remains certain, though: Marshall is full of delightful surprises for both newcomer and native.